Beach Bachelorette Party Ideas 2021

Planning a beach bachelorette party soon? Well, Bridesmaid Prep has the top beach bachelorette ideas for you.

My Recent Beach Bachelorette Party Experience

My close friends planned the most amazing Bachelorette in June. It was a beach bachelorette party in Chincoteague, VA (the beach known for the wild ponies across the water). The bridesmaids arrived at the house we shared a day early and decorated the whole place to the nines. They organized ordering shirts and bathing suits that the Bride and attendees all adored. I loved every second of it and want to share the beach bachelorette party ideas with you.

Beach Bachelorette Party Shopping List

1. Matching Bathing Suits

Buy this cute, sexy one piece for all the Bride’s besties. The squad will look killer in this Bachelorette party classic. This link also includes a white option for the Bride. You will need to ask all the gals coming to the Bachelorette their sizes for a one-piece a couple of weeks before the bachelorette. This option is available in S,M,L, XL.

2. Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

Moscow Mules are delicious and photograph well in your cute, beachy Instagram posts. Bonus! They keep your drinks cool in the hot sun. Buy multiple sets of these high-quality copper mugs to cover your total attendees. These mugs are one of our favorite special touches for a beach bachelorette weekend.

3. Matching Personalized Beach Bachelorette Party Tank-Tops

The best thing about these tanks are that they are a total blank slate. Write a personal message or catch phrase that your Bride friend will love. Though, we recommend copy that will be timeless since the bridesmaids will likely be sharing costs for this and will want to be able to wear it again.

We wore our tanks while doing yoga and took a group photo in them at the end of the weekend before we all left the beach.

4. Plastic Shot Glasses

The chicks I spent the weekend with used these cute, pink shot glasses as holders for slips of paper wih fun questions for the Bride and all of us to answer. Some of the slips included instructions for girls to take shots, or long swigs of wine or LaCroix… not everyone loves shots.

5. Decorative Bachelorette Party Banner

Get to the party early and have all the girls help decorate with streamers, banners or balloons. These options are all winning phrases. We recommend hanging it at the entrance of the party or above the desserts.

6. Decorative Napkins

These napkin sets can double for the beach bachelorette weekend and the bridal shower. Buy a whole cute set and use them for all the pre-wedding festivities.

7. Bike Helmets

All of us girls rented cruisers to ride bikes on the beach. The party was BYOH (Bring Your Own Helmet), but a few of the women did not have a helmet, so we recommend buying just a couple of extras to have on hand at the weekend getaway. All of the Brides’ friends will enjoy the athletic activity that is perfect for the beach.

8. Unicorn Pool Float

Ok, we did not have one of these but I wish we did. Who doesn’t love fun unicorn pool floats? Similarly, we all love avocado and donut fun floats. Why didn’t we have these growing up as kids?

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