Couples Shower Explained: The Fresh Take on a Pre-Wedding Shower

Are you invited to a couples shower? Were you asked to host one? First, let’s define a bridal shower and a couples shower.

Difference between a Bridal Shower and a Couples Shower

A bridal shower is a tradition that women have practiced for ages.

Tracing its origin back to 16th century Holland, the bridal shower was initiated as an alternative to the dowry system. Friends and families gave small favors to the bride to help her begin her married life

In the U.S., Victorian women were early adopters of bridal shower parties. They “showered” the bride with gifts by placing favors in paper parasols. In fact, this is how the name bridal shower came to be. Furthermore, at bridal showers in the current era, we may drink tea, have a bbq, play games, eat delicious desserts, all while celebrating the bride and giving her sentimental gifts and gifts from the couple’s registry.

A couples shower is a modern invention to honor the fact that both people are building a new home together. These parties include both parts of the couple in co-ed festivities. Their closest friends and family gather with them, together, to give household gifts, showering them with good wishes and small favors, just like the bridal shower. Why shouldn’t we shower both brides and grooms? We love this new take on an old tradition.

What couples shower gifts are hot right now?

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How Do I Write a Couples Shower Invitation?

Here is an example of a lovely couples shower invitation.